Juan les Pins 2021 - Photo by Exaël / ExArtG
Juan les Pins 2021 - Photo by Exaël / ExArtG

Through his Feetoons photo series, with photos digitally transformed into drawings, Exaël reverses Selfie phenomenon, photographing feet instead of faces, creating a diary over 10 years, and questioning a society where sharing and social withdrawal oppose, where progress and selfishness face each other, where the absurd and the quest for meaning are intricated, where exhibitionism and privacy compete fiercely.

Feetoons Color (Photography)

Feetoons Blue (Photography)

Feetoons Series (Photography)

Erosion Series (Photography)

Through these 7 works from his “Erosion” series, the artist explores the impact of global warming on coastal beaches that are dear to him, in Martinique, in particular those located in the town of Sainte-Luce, which adjoins the communes of Le Diamant and Le Marin. From photographs digitally transformed, Exaël highlights the erosion of the Caribbean coasts, jointly caused by the rising waters and the constantly increasing force of the sea swell. Coconut trees. Manseliniers. Caribbean grape trees. These endemic species, which play a key role in the sustainability of the coastal ecosystem of tropical islands, undergo an irremediably destructive assault on which the artist comes to lay his gaze and share it with the audience.